Going good

Went to church today.  We have not been consistent due to being out-of-town or kids sports tournaments.  It was nice to be back!  The evening was also spent doing a couples devotion.  However, he had been drinking, and over “his” limit.

Things have been going very good between JD and me.  I have seen noticable changes in both of us since we have been to counseling.  JD also commented on the same feelings.  Mentioning how he really desires to do things for me and he genuinely has had an awesome attitude and moods! 

He has been drinking, only keeping to his self-initiated commitment for a couple of the past days.  The other days, exceeding.  But since this is such a “hot spot” in our marriage, I don’t draw attention to it.  I do feel myself resorting to the withdrawal again.  Where I distance myself from him and communication.

So this makes it VERY difficult.  On one hand, he is not able to keep to his word and restrictions that he set for himself.  And on the other hand, I like that our relationship is starting to feel like there’s a connection.

The life of being an alcoholics wife.  It is indeed a rollercoaster!


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