Early the next morning, the kids said Dad must have gone to work early because his car was not in the garage.  Hmmmm!  That seemed strange to me.  Come to find out that he indeed did drive to a hotel and spent the night.  No idea where the RV keys are!

Around 10am I receive the following text:

I will never be free as long as I’m drinking.  I don’t think you have any idea how badly I want it out of my life.  I don’t blame you for quitting on me.

My reply:

Check yourself in and get help!  Until you do – there is no us.

His response:

Can you get me the # to Hazelton?

Mine: Hazelden’s number

His: $28,000

Later Friday, when he came home from work, he was Mr. nice guy!  Going out of his way to be REALLY nice, friendly, helpful and over-the-top remorseful.  I really wasn’t in the mood for this!  I really want the roller-coaster to come to a stop.  Not enjoying all the ups and downs.

However, he sat down to talk – telling me how he has hit rock bottom this time – it’s different from all the other times – followed by some more talking.  Then asks what movie we should watch that night, naked on the couch.

Are you serious?

First of all – I have NOTHING to say to you!  At least nothing that has been said a million times before!  And I certainly don’t feel like doing anything with you right now!

So he then packed a few more things into the bag that I had already packed for him and left.  Only for a while!

He returned and there was the coldness, staleness, and just avoiding each other kind of couple days.  During this time – no drinking is involved.


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