The weekend went as a usual weekend where there is not much contact, connection, and just filling the roles of Mom and Dad.

But Monday evening JD asked if we could sit down and talk for a while.  Which I did.

During this time, JD said many things that were from the heart and we did end up having a really good conversation.  Which was good since we had our counseling appointment the next morning.

But what the most profound realization was this:

JD said he had an attitude going into the night he went to the game with our neighbor.  Why?  Because when he went into his briefcase, he found a piece of paper wrapped around one of the bottles.  The piece of paper was some notes written on one of the church service bulletins.  “Choose to Sin, Choose to Suffer”  THAT was wrapped around a bottle – and he assumed I put it there.  So he became angry at me.

Well folks – I didn’t put it there!  And we have NO idea who did – or how it got there.

I did see it in the pocket with the bottles.  And I also thought something about how he had that in the same pocket with his bottles.  So I did slip it in his laptop.

You want to talk about Devine Intervention?  If that doesn’t speak loudly.  And he felt that way about it too!  Quite the wake-up call!


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