CS 9/7/10

Our session went pretty good today.  After coming off of some pretty tough things – up is not too far!

We just reiterated our conversation from the night before.  And the following things Dr. Hanson gave as homework/assignments:

  1.  He gave us a sheet to talk over with one another.  We did also answer the questions during the session.
  2. Discuss ways to make time for one another.  The intimacy thing again!
  3. Identify “The Beast”  We did decide to call it that – because it is so fitting!  The Beast is anything that has to do with the drinking and addiction.  We are supposed to separate it from the individual.  This being JD.  And put an entire entity to it.  Naming it, identifying it, recognizing it, breaking it down.  This way we can say, “I don’t want The Beast to ruin our weekend, don’t let it happen.”

We also discussed the path for no drinking and he needs to get help.  JD said he was going, and will continue to go to AA meetings.


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