That’s just such a somber date to write!  And although I could spend the entire time writing about this date in history – I will refrain because I need to stick to the posts focus.

I do believe JD was drinking during dinnertime.  He was back in his hotel at a reasonable hour.  But I could tell that he had some.

Remember when I said to be as supportive as an alcoholic’s wife can be?  This is that time – I don’t want to blow up about it.  But I do recognize that he is not in full submission!  And this tells me that the roller-coaster will soon take off again!

The scary part of this ride thing – I have less and less of a tolerance.  And some day – I might break!  And I do feel as if that day is approaching sooner and sooner with each passing issue, fight, drinking episode and all the crap that happens as a result of his drinking.


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