Being an alcoholic’s wife is draining and most of the time depressing.  I feel as if I live in constant confusion and uncertainty.  I don’t feel secure about my marriage, health, finances or anything that is affected by alcohol – which is pretty much everything!

But I do see blessings and God’s work in all of it!  Surprisingly!  And these need to be honed in on and celebrated!

  1. The sermon note wrapped around the bottle in JD’s briefcase.  Devine intervention!
  2. One of the members during JD’s meeting time with our pastor (there’s a group of 5 who meet together weekly) is an Elder of our church – who’s a recovering alcoholic of 20 years!  Now what other support can one ask for?
  3. One of JD’s business partners is a recovering alcoholic.  Sober only about 6 months now.  But a year before that.  He did end up getting a DUI about 6 months ago.  And before that, he lost his fiance due to drinking.  That’s what prompted him to go to AA the first time.  Another source of support.
  4. One of the worker’s at our business is: from our church, a very good friend, and a recovering alcoholic – support – support – support!!!
  5. Christian individuals who are consistently put in JD’s path.  He met 2 couples this past weekend while out-of-town.  Each met at different times at the trade show and all ended up in the same restaurant right next to each other.

It is because of God’s intervention that I still hold on so tight – through prayer!  I know that I CANNOT do this on my own.  And I know that I have been called to stand firm and strong in this battle. 

Psalm 46:1
God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

A battle that I don’t feel like fighting much of the time, and a battle that I feel as if I keep losing.  But fear not – a victory is what Jesus is all about!


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