It’s Friday evening.  JD and I have been fighting since last night.  Not about drinking!

Actually it’s about something rather trivial.  But at the same time, something to take heart with as well.

I did come to him last night and said, “this is stupid, I don’t want to fight!”  He ignored me.  And I went downstairs to do some work and then to bed.

The morning came.  I was up early and out with our 2 older children.  Our youngest stayed home with JD, as this was arranged beforehand.

We came home, he was leaving and I said “good-bye”.  He ignored me.

Have no idea where he’s at right now!  Was suppose to go to the baseball game with his oldest son, things didn’t work out to go.  He sold the tickets, blamed it on me.  And I’m again in limbo as to when he’s coming home, if he’s coming home, where he’s at and what to expect.

Sound familiar?


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