I survived!!  It was a lot of fun!!  The girls didn’t get to sleep until around 2am 😦 🙂

They all seemed to depart at about the same time: 10:30 ish.  Faith was VERY tired.  She went into her room to take a nap.

I was exhausted, but still had to keep the house in order.  All the while JD was watching football and sleeping – until 1pm.  I was a little irked at this!!

I mean we really don’t have too many more weekends until the snow flies!!  And there’s SO much to do around the house: inside and out.

He didn’t take this very well – and we fought!

However, after he did get his rear end up – he got A LOT of work done!

During mowing the grass and leaves, he comes in to inform me he could use a “cool one” – that means a beer.  It’s something that always use to be refreshing after working outside.

And when he was done – he mentioned it again.  Only this time he asked what I had done with the bottle I took out of his bag.  The time he left after a big fight.   Stayed at one of his drinking buddies house.  Bought a bottle, and never ended up opening it – they drank his buddies booze.  And I found it in his duffle bag and hid it.

He mentioned this a few more times.  And I was getting quite irritated now.

We didn’t interact with one another for the rest of the evening.  Not fighting.  Just not talking.

I was tired of feeling like being the “alcohol police” or warden regarding his drinking.  Which incidently has NOT been an issue for many weeks now.  There has been so much progress on his part.  He has not been going to any meetings or nothing (that I know of) has changed in the way of accountability.  But he has not been drinking.  So this seemed out of place for how things had been going.

He did cop an attitute with me regarding it.  And I started to do the mind games with myself.  So I decided to just put the bottle on the counter and not let myself be bothered by this anymore this evening.

And I went to bed!


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