Monday evening

Through out the day, Marie and I had various conversations – both business and personal.

The day seemed to play out like any other “wild card” JD day.  I played the detective role throughout the day – checking the various avenues I have to keep track of him.

Until……..around 5:30pm!!!!!

I received a call from Marie.  She informed me that she just received a call from JD.  He was slurring his words and not all together.  Seemed as if he had been drinking A LOT!  She said, “he told me that he just took a bunch of pills and this would be the last time she would hear from him!”

Marie: “I’m worried about him, I think there’s something REALLY wrong!”

Me: “I agree!  What else did he say?”

Suddenly, I received another phone call.  It was his brother – Eric.

Eric: “Alli, I just received a call from JD, he’s not sounding good.  He told me he doesn’t want to go on any more, this would be the last time I talk to him!”

During the phone conversation – I receive another phone call.  It’s his mother.

JD’s mom:  “Alli, what’s going on?  We just received an email from JD and it said he was signing out!”

Me:  “I’m not sure, I have Marie and Eric on the other line, they just received a phone call from him stating the same thing!  I’ll call you back, I have to find him!”

At that moment, Uncle B called.  “Alli, I just received an email from JD, the same email he sent to his mom/dad and brother.  You NEED to hang up the phone RIGHT NOW and call 9-1-1!  You need to do it right now and get the police to the hotel!”

I hung up from talking with Uncle B, but was still on my cell phone with Marie.  She and her husband (both work at our office) were on their way to the hotel he was staying at. 

I called 9-1-1 from our home phone.  Told the operator the hotel information and the various emails and phone call he had made.  9-1-1 took all the information and said they would dispatch the police and paramedics.

(Remember when I said I was able to find out where he was?  THIS information was a true blessing!  Due to the mere fact the I was able to tell 9-1-1 and Maria where to go.  Otherwise, I/we wouldn’t have known where he was.)

I needed to get to the hotel!  However, during the phone conversation with 9-1-1, Faith had come in from outside.  She could see something was wrong and started to panic.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave her home with the younger boys (ages 10 & 2), she’s 13.

I phoned our neighbor and asked if she could come over right away?  JS said, “I’ll be right over!”  She knows some history of the drinking issues.  Not all, but a lot.

Marie had called back on my cell phone, she and her husband were at the hotel.  However, only the police are able to receive any information on guests.  Even when they were told of the situation, but did let Marie know he was a guest there.  Information they are not allowed to give out, but did tell her at least that much.  So she/we have to wait until the police arrive for anyone to go to the room.

JS came right over, I hung up the phone with Marie.  I realized at this point – I was shaking, Faith was frantically crying and asking, “what’s going on?  Is dad okay?  Where are you going?”  Our 2-year-old was still in his crib from his nap, and at that moment our 10-year-old came inside from sledding with a friend.  They were told to go back outside or go over to his house, which they did.

I left and JS, who is also such a blessing, calmed Faith down by talking with her.  Apparently, Faith was crying and frantically asking, “is my daddy dead?” over and over.  For quite a while, JS and Faith talked and she was able to calm her down.  A situation that I wouldn’t dream of leaving someone in the care of, but JS is one person who has a gift with.

I drove 90 mph to the hotel which was about 7 miles from our house.

When I arrived, there were 2 police cars already on site.  I met Marie and her husband TR, in the lobby.  They informed me the police were in the room with him and we were advised to not go in, or let JD see us.  JD was very intoxicated right now.  It would be best if we stayed out of sight.  So we went around the corner of the lobby.  A place where we could see, but also be out of sight.

The paramedics arrived.  We waited.  I called home and to Uncle B to inform them that he was indeed alive – at this point this is ALL I know.  I would keep them posted as to what’s the next step/plan.  I didn’t even know what the next minute would look like.

A little while past and the paramedics came through the lobby with JD on a stretcher.  He appeared to be calm, and somewhat coherent.  The ambulance left for the hospital, which then the police came to get us.  They brought us back to his room where we received and gave various forms of information to one another.  Upon entering his room, I saw the metal lock-bar broken on the floor.  The police told me he was unconscious and non-respondent, they had to break the door in due to the lock-bar.  JD didn’t respond to the initial attempts to wake him.  The police had to do what is called a “sternum rub”. 

They informed me that after the police got JD to respond, a series of questions were presented to JD.    He said he never sent any emails or made any calls of the sort and was not all too cooperative.  I asked many questions, most of which they didn’t have answers to.  Most of which could be answered at the hospital.

Marie, TR and I stayed to clean up the hotel room, forward the emails that were sent to the police department, and we all talked for quite some time.  Mostly about JD, the business and some immediate plans.

I left the hotel and headed for the hospital.  Marie and TR drove JD’s car to our house and they headed for home.

I have included the various emails he sent below.


This email went out to Uncle B, his mom, dad & brother.

From: JD 
Date: December 6, 2010 3:19:00 PM PST
To: “Uncle B”, ‘Eric’, ‘Mom & Dad’
Subject: signing out

I want you all to know that I love you very much.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you have contributed to my life!



The next email went out to Uncle B.  It was quite confusing to me.  For one thing, this is his uncle and I’m referenced as a sister-in-law.  I do know he considers his uncle more like a brother, they are only 10 years apart.  So that part was kind of understandable.  But the “romantic interest” part – hugh?  (I’ll go into more details with what I ended up finding out in various posts following this one.)

From: JD
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2010 5:04 PM
To: ‘Uncle B’

You’re righteous,  sister-in-law obviously has another romantic interest as she has made it known to me and the kids that she no longer wants to be married.  I’m very familiar with the smug look  (which only comes from having a back-up plan) she had as she made this announcement. E

Eric and you can figure out a way to run/sell the company.  I’m DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m not going to spend one more second working my ass off so she can continue to maintain her lifestyle.



The last email went to his brother.

From: JD 
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2010 5:07 PM
To: ‘Eric’

I appreciate everything you said.  I just don’t care anymore! 

Whatever happens, please don’t feel that you could have done anything to prevent it!

I love you Bro!



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