Monday morning

A very restless night’s sleep!

The children woke late.  When our daughter woke, she came and sat with me on the couch.  We talked some more.

The kids tried to call dad – no answer.  His phone was shut off, went right into voicemail.

I was able to see that a few calls were made from his phone, he was also turning it on to check his messages. 

As many of you know, being a wife of an alcoholic brings out the detective in each of us.  I’ve become pretty keen on knowing where my husband is, where he’s going, what he’s doing, and various other activities.  All without leaving my home.  The internet has been very helpful!

In addition to knowing he was periodically using his cell phone, he was also checking his emails.  This told me he was active and working.  In addition, I was able to find out he had checked into a local hotel last night.  At some point, late Sunday evening, he changed the password for our bank account.  I changed it to view the records, and deleted the email in his account to cover my tracks.  Sometime Monday, he changed it again.  I didn’t need to check anymore, and I wasn’t going to play that game with him.

So as of Monday morning I knew these things: he was active, working, not taking any calls and was at a local hotel.

Around 9am, I receive a call from Marie, the office manager at our business.  We own our own business.  She’s confused and worried!  She received the following email last night:

From: JD 
Sent: Sunday, December 05, 2010 9:33 PM
To: ‘Marie
Subject: this week


You need to prepare immediately to operate without me.  I will not be available by phone or otherwise.

You will want to pool  all resources to handle the daily activities, including putting together product lists to make sure that all the reps have everything they need in order to function through Christmas.  You can go ahead and make all decisions pertaining to leases.  No checks can go out, or any payments, of an kind, made until otherwise notified.

If you have any immediate emergencies, you will need to call my wife, as she will eventually be taking over.  You can reach her at xxx-xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Please do not share any of this information with anyone until everything has been properly transferred.




As you can well imagine, I needed to fill her in on the situation and what’s taken place.  An email like that prompts that kind of attention!  We had a long conversation in which I told her all that was happening, and I would keep her up to date with any additional information. 

Many of the people at our place of business, including Marie, are Christians.  Some of which attend the same church as our family.

After my phone conversation, I talked and prayed with the kids some more.  I didn’t tell them exactly what the email entailed, but that I needed to make some calls throughout the day.  Our daughter, (Faith is her name – of course not her real name, as I use all aliases) said, “Mom, you need to call and ask Uncle B to come out, I feel as if something bad is going to happen and we need him here”.  (Okay, really weird!!  As I was typing this last sentence, which I’m actually writing this post 12/17, a name sign of my daughters, taped to her door – just fell!  I don’t think it’s ever fallen off!  I’m typing most of my posts as a recall of the past events.  Didn’t have much time to write during most of the days – you’ll see why!) 

Still not absolutely convinced that Uncle B needs to come.  But I told her that he would come at the drop of a dime, as he has already indicated.  My feelings were, this was just going to pass like all other episodes, and we would deal with the situation. 

I did have to admit there were some things that were not the same.  He had never emailed the office in that manner, never changed passwords/user names on bank accounts, or taken the cash from the house.  But you can’t depend on the rationalization of an alcoholic.  If you do, or try to, you will go even more insane.  More than what you feel you already are.  I try and deal with the here and now.


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