Residual Effects

I has been A LONG time since I have posted on my blog.  Probably the main reason being……there hasn’t been any episodes of any sort stemming from alcohol.  This is such a blessing!  Don’t let me be misleading – that does not mean JD has not had anything to drink.  There have been occasions – but it has not been in the home and has not interfered with any part of our family or life.  The few occasions have been when he was out of town with business associates or his brother.  And there has been a handful of times when we were out at a restaurant, and I had 1 drink with him.  No complaints of any sort!!  Praise God!!  I really don’t think there will ever be a time which I am not on guard!!

Now……..there are other “demons” lurking!  JD is still on pain meds – Vicodin.  He is more than tired of being on these, but he has such debilitating back pain which stems from degenerative arthritis, a fractured and bulging disk.  Catch 22!  Our plan is to have a Cortisone shot to take the edge off, making it possible to get off the pain meds.  Which will be a horrific week to 2 weeks!!!!!  But willing and able!  During this time, JD will be motivated to get back into physical shape.  He has shared with me……the pain meds take his drive for being physical away, makes him sleep longer in the mornings, is harder to wake up, sluggish, etc. – all of which he has voluntarily shared with me. Will keep posted as to this process.

Over the past 2 years, there has been many residual effects as a result of hurt/damaged relationships with individuals involved in his recovery.  This is the primary reason for coming back to a place where I can freely write and feel a sense of lifted weight from my shoulders.

As there will be much detail, I will be adding posts.  But I did want to start the platform with an update of the drinking and addictions.


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