Aftershocks Part 3

After the 10 days on vacation, we said our “Good Byes!” to JD’s family and headed back home with our neighbors.

I’m going to reference my neighbor as JS, as I will be including her a great deal in the upcoming posts.

We moved into our house 8 years ago. JS and I had become EXTREMELY close! She had been there for me through so much in the past few years. And this was odd for me to have such a close relationship with anyone. I don’t trust people too much, as I have been hurt a great deal in the past.

I lost my brother in 1999 due to a horrible accident. This left me as an only child. My father was never there, and he also has passed away in 2009. So it really is just me and my Mom on my side of the family. And my Mom rocks! Always has! She’s an individual whom I respect deeply, and as I grow older – respect even more!!

So….I don’t have many close friendships, by my choice. But I opened my heart up to JS and became what I would call – best friends. I have another blog, one in which isn’t so heavy – I keep it on the lighter side. But I figured it would be best to just copy and paste a post I wrote – it sums up how our relationship was.

By Me on September 20th, 2011


This is my neighbor and very close friend.

I have been so blessed with living right next door to her, I can’t even put my feelings into actual words. Because it wouldn’t come close to expressing how much she means to me!

We seem to be there for each other at times that are needed for one another. Sometimes she listens to me and lifts me up, sometimes I listen to her and lift her up, sometimes we just hug, sometimes we cry together. But most of all – she brings a smile to my face when I talk about her and think of her.

That my dear friends is a working of God!

She prayed for years that someone she would like would move in next door. Someone like me she said:)
We went of a family vacation this past summer. This included a 24 hour RV ride down to Lake Powell (Page, AZ and through Utah in the Glen Canyon), then 10 days on a houseboat with a total of 21 individuals (8 adults and 13 children – 5 of which had just graduated – age range: 1 1/2 to 18). And the final journey home in the RV for another 24 hours.

We STILL like one another:)

In fact, we will be doing it again next year!!

Future posts will explain the next year of events (probably the next 2 years). But I will leave it here at this time.


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