Aftershocks Part 6

After the string of emails – I finally received a return phone call from Bxxxx & Lxxx in response.

There were other phone calls in which Bxxxx indicated they thought we did not wish to go this year based on the every other year comment.  At that time I did assure Bxxxx we were indeed interested in coming with our neighbor’s again.

However, during THIS conversation Bxxxx continued to explain to me that he and his family had discussed the trip, and based on the blow-up during the past trip – his children were afraid of JD.  That his family wanted him to protect them, they didn’t want us to go so they were proceeding with plans for just that.  WOW!!

So basically you lied to me during all the other conversations!  You skirted around the issue!  From my understanding upon departing the houseboat trip – forgiveness was extended from all parties.  I guess I was wrong.  And I guess all of my husband’s and my correspondences were right on.

Remember my good friend – my neighbor?  This post explaining our relationship.

I confided in her regarding this situation.  Actually, their families response was: confused!  They mentioned the fact that JD had asked for forgiveness in apologizing for his actions.  Our neighbor’s kids stated they didn’t think anything of how JD had reacted – they didn’t think it was that bad!  Their dad has actually had blow-ups quite similar – so it was no big deal.  That being said – this has created a wedge.  A seed that will begin to grow.  More about this in the next posts.

But also at this time, our business was going through some extreme pains.  Compounding all issues at the same time.

Recently we found out that a long time sales rep, who had become a good friend as well, had been stealing from our company for years.  In the tune of over $70,000.  Quite a blow!

On top of all this…….I have mentioned Marie on occasion.  She has been with our company since almost the start – 10 years ago.  She started at entry level and worked her way up to become JD’s right hand person.  She had been granted the position of many high-level responsibilities.  An individual whom we trusted immensely!!

When she started, she made her earnings based on her production.  Now she was making close to a 6 figure income.  No college education.  When we first met her, she was a single parent living in a 1 bedroom apartment with 3 children.  The apartment was infested with rats and they were barely making ends meet.

I’m saying this because it indicates just how caring JD is.  How his heart is SO huge, he is SO trusting, and gives SO much to many individuals – without even giving a second thought!  But because of his trusting nature – he has gotten burned MANY times.

Some things had been coming to our attention at the office that were not adding up in regards to Marie.

JD was getting beaten down on so many levels that he really didn’t have much left to offer of himself.  His depression was escalating and he could hardly function on a daily basis.

I mean really, let’s face it…….being hit hard by his uncle, who we trusted with the breath of our lives and was like a mentor.  Finding out one of his long term reps has been stealing from him.  One more thing……this situation with Marie sent him over the top.  I will explain further in the next posts.  But I am so thankful that through this all – he NEVER turned to alcohol for an answer!!

Until next time……..Blessings!


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2 responses to “Aftershocks Part 6

  • Shannon

    I agree with Bxxx. This is the reality of what drinking does. It estranges family and friends. Your uncle has a right to protect his family from continued possible verbal abuse and anger from your husband. Your husband is recovering, but children shouldn’t be in the cross-fires of his outbursts. Bxxx would fail as a father if he didn’t protect his children. I’m sorry for you.It’s a huge loss. Trust has to be earned, and once lost, it takes longer to gain it. Maybe a trip with just the 4 of you-no kids-is the answer.

    • wivesforchrist

      I do see your point of protecting his family. And I do not, even to this day, support my husband in the way he handled it. I will not make excuses for it. But I also still believe no one acted Christ-like and Bxxxx & Lxxx have NEVER apologized for anything that had happened (disrespecting an agreement, shunning JD), or what has happened since the houseboat trip (there’s more to come). This situation is still ongoing at this very moment, and it will be further revealed as I continue to write. It’s a long story to unfold – and it’s not even close to being done. It helps me to write as I continue to grieve about the whole situation and what has transpired.
      As it will unfold, it gets even uglier. The trust you talk about starts to deteriorate with the actions of Bxxxx & Lxxx as betrayal, unforgiveness, further judgment and a very unhealthy relationship starts to become uncovered.
      Thank you for your comments and insight, I truly appreciate honesty! I am on my knees continually praying for answers, closure, peace, etc. However, I still keep hearing: “Be still and know that I am God!”

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