Aftershocks Part 7

It had come to my attention that Bxxxx had been texting Marie (from our office) asking her if JD had been drinking, how he handled financial transactions, what his emotional state was, etc.

In addition to this, Bxxxx had also been texting sales reps from our company, individuals we mutually knew, saying PFJ (Pray For JD).  Now, I am 100% for prayer!  I believe in prayer and the power of prayer!!  But I also believe you need to make sure you don’t submit prayer for the purpose of spreading rumors, judgment, gossip, etc.  Furthermore, I also do not think it is appropriate to contact business acquaintances and ask personal questions or search for information in this manner.  If he wanted to know something……ask ME!  I have always been forthcoming.  I have never lied to or sugar coated anything to Bxxxx!

Bxxxx also texted Marie stating his plans for exit and demise with our company.  Not okay!  Marie has no ownership or financial ties (other than her salary) within our company.  My guess is this was based on Marie intentions………

Remember when I said things were not adding up with Marie?

Since JD was not doing well emotionally, I had to step into the business.  I had been distant from the operations for many years due to raising and homeschooling our children.  But I felt I had to do something – I was afraid of what was transpiring.  So…..I became very involved in every aspect of the business.  This was not well received by Marie.  Actually, at one point in time when I was making some suggestions to improve production, she made the comment, “Well it’s your company, you run it how you wish!”  (Uh yeah….I will!)

She had been calling in sick MANY times, more than what her vacation/illness allotment seemed to be.  One day, when she was absent, I did some records research.  Since she was the one who tracked this, I looked on her laptop computer – one in which is owned by our company.

What I uncovered was mind-blowing!

A full blown business plan to take our business!  Right on her (our) computer.  To boot, she had been using company time to work on this!!  This business plan detailed ALL of our accounts, sales reps, business details, etc.  All laid out very nicely (in hopes) for her to acquire our company.

I uncovered emails, to which she was securing a leased warehouse location.  AND all of this was being funded by our largest supplier.

As things started to unravel…….. people, employees, and sales reps started to open up and share what had been going on.  Conversations she had and many aspects that individuals were afraid of sharing before.  I mean, she had authority to have individuals potentially fired and people were a bit scared to come clean.  Until I arrived!

I was told that employees always wondered why she was not in the office as much as she should be, and questioned why she worked from home much of the time.  Communication via email, cell phone, computer is not uncommon for our business.  JD travels a lot, so he trusted her quite a bit – with a lot!

In addition, as I connected with reps, suppliers, and customers, they informed me she would tell them our business was going bankrupt and she was taking it over to save it.  Hugh?  Furthest from the truth!

She had also tapped phone conversations with JD, spliced many of them so they were just how she wanted them to be, and forwarded these conversations to specific individuals to sabotage relationships.  These were saved on her computer.  Not too smart!

We kept her employed for about a week after uncovering all of this.  I still needed to gather all the information from emails, correspondence, etc. before the email accounts became unrecoverable due to password changes.   JD then confronted her, tapped the conversation and released her.  It was at this time we sought legal representation because we knew this was going to get ugly.

A letter was drafted and forwarded to anyone who was involved, or listed in the business plan.  We assured all of our clients, contacts, suppliers, reps, etc. and forwarded anything legal that was needed to stop this from going any further.  Yes, we also had a no compete contract.

However……her husband and brother-in-law also worked for our company in production.  Our lawyers informed us that it was smart to not let any others go.  We could have been sued for marital discrimination.  Who would have known?

I became even more involved in our business at this point.  Putting in 12+ hours a day.  I needed to know EVERY aspect of the business: from production, to reps, to accounting, to…..EVERYTHING!

All of this, and Bxxxx was in communication with Marie.  I’m pretty sure he knew all of this too!  Some emails were also uncovered between Marie and Bxxxx.  And to this day, I know Bxxxx and Marie are in contact with one another.  Trust? Nope!  Betrayal? Yep!

All of this was too much!  JD was feeling even more depressed.  Still not turning to alcohol!  Actually turning to the Bible daily, he knew this was the only way he would be able to function for his family.  He finished the 1 Year Bible in about 5 months!


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