Aftershocks Part 9

During this time, I was confiding in my neighbor for advice.  She was as stunned as I was.  She opened up to me stating she never really quite liked Bxxxx before the December when he came to help us out with JD going into treatment.  She said she saw a different side of Bxxxx then and began to warm up to him.  But she was also VERY surprised as to Bxxxx & Lxxx and what was transpiring.

However, she did give some feedback as to some possible explanations:

1.  Because of Lxxx’s erratic behavior, her children leaving the home for college and all, maybe she was experiencing extreme hormone fluctuations?  Menopause?  Lxxx had been doing some hormone treatments due to weight loss and other health issues.  JS is very analytical in this way, and many times does make sense.  I know how some of us (females:) can get when hormones are involved.  I’m speaking from experience!!  So….this did have some merit.  But what about Bxxxx?  He was along for all of this – there were two carrying the torch – or machete.

2.  Bxxxx & Lxxx had been kind of like a savior with some of our very tough issues in years past – helping immensely (as I have talked about before).  This is the first time, in I don’t know how long, that JD and I were actually in a healthy season with our family, marriage, and life and didn’t need Bxxxx & Lxxx in the same ways as before.  Actually our relationship was not focused on JD and his drinking or issues anymore.

Bxxxx comes from an extreme alcoholic upbringing – his mother and father were alcoholics – his mother actually died from alcohol.  Maybe subconsciously Bxxxx does not know how to react to a situation in which he was needed for so long, and now the dynamics have changed.  So he actually will do some odd things to (subconsciously) keep JD in an unhealthy state.  I know this seems odd, but how many married couples end up getting a divorce after a spouse has stopped drinking (which is what the ultimate goal was) only to find themselves in a particular situation: Don’t know how to live any differently than the way they did before.  New ways of life need to be learned and adopted.  Many individuals are so use to the way things were, they don’t know where to begin with what the new looks like.

Actually, it took some time for JD and I to adapt to a new life!  Dates were somewhat difficult.  Where do you go?  When we would go out to eat – we always had drinks.  Who do we go out with?  Most people drink.  You can only see so many movies.  When we would go out on a business meeting or event – alcohol is usually one of the centers.  It was very painful to come to know how society centered around drinking.

Our fights were different.  We were both use to being on such a defensive even before the fight started.  Communication was more proactive than reactive.

There was more evening time.  All very good!  But all needing to be adjusted to.  Change – it’s always hard – but good!

As time went by…..Bxxxx & Lxxx were continuing to do more strange things.

Bxxxx was texting JD’s Mom (Bxxxx’s sister), our neighbor (JS), other sales reps – from different areas of the country and continuing to ask them for prayers.  He would ask additional questions to JD’s Mom regarding JD.  We would also receive text messages and emails with Bible verses or devotions to which they wanted us to read.

Again….I live by knowing that God is the answer.  Prayer is powerful!  I would be nowhere without any of it!  But there are times I believe God speaks to us when we are silent and can hear Him.

We continued to not respond and keep quiet and still.  A trait for me that has to be exercised – it doesn’t come natural for me!

Some time later we received this email:

From: “Bxxxx & Lxxx Yxxxxxx”
To: “JD”
Cc: “Alli”
Sent: Friday, March 9, 2012 10:04:13 AM
Subject: Fw: Simply – Thank You!

Good morning,

Below is an email I sent you on Friday March 21, 2008 – this reminds me why we got involved with the business, we saw the vision of how it was helping others and the opportunity to be close to you.  It wasn’t about over-ride commissions.  A perspective from the heart.

Have a great day,



From:   Yxxxxxx,Bxxxxx  
Friday, March 21, 2008 9:52 AM
Simply – Thank You!


Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your business!
Thank you for providing table cloths and easels at no cost!
Thank you for making and sending really cool business cards at no cost!
Thank you for providing sales brochures at no cost!
Thank you for sending truck loads of awesome products at no cost!
Thank you for providing a business opportunity with no requirement of capital investment!
Thank you for coaching and helping us to start the business!
Thank you for your time and expense to travel to California to help us!
Thank you for taking time to conference call with customers to help us get business!
Thank you for taking our calls when you’re so busy you have to work evenings and weekends to keep up!
Thank you for sacrificing time with your family to support this us!
Thank you for providing generous commissions for doing this business!
Thank you for continually providing exciting new products for the business!
Thank you for negotiating great deals with suppliers!
Thank you for investing in the business to help it grow!
Thank you for providing credit card machines at no cost!
Thank you for hiring staff that provides great support for us!
Thank you for trusting us even though you’ve been taken advantage of!

Thank you for helping people like Cxxxxxx a previously desperate single mom with 3 kids living in poverty and ready to commit suicide.  Today because of help from UW, Cxxxxxx is employed with health benefits for her kids.  She has hope now because UW provided training so she could get a good job.  Your company has helped UW of OC.

Thank you for helping Marie.  Because of her job at your company, she was able to buy a new home where her kids now have their own rooms instead of sharing the living room with dividers.

Thank you for helping the Bxxxxx family who lost their 14 year old son Cxxxxxxxx last December after a 2 year battle with cancer.  Your company is helping to pay some of the $1M in expense that insurance didn’t cover.

Thank you for helping Gxxxx Zxxxxxxxx – a Christian man who puts his heart into teaching baseball and struggles financially to do it.  Your company is helping him to supplement his income so he can continue a career that he loves.

Matthew 25:40 “The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’

I am so proud of you JD.  God is using you and passing blessings on to others beyond your imagination, multiply what you do see by at least a factor of 100X.  Well done!

It is a privilege to be a part of this, that you pay me is gift, I would do it for free. I love you man!


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