Aftershocks Part 11

Out of the blue, Lxxx Y. called my cell phone and when I answered she immediately hung up.  I was standing beside my daughter and we both looked at each other with very puzzled looks on our face.

I called Lxxx right back and the moment the phone was answered she frantically said, “I have no idea why you are married to that asshole!  If I never speak to him again, that would be best!” And then hung up.

Again, my daughter and I were VERY puzzled and concerned.  I know the past many months felt as if we were in the twilight zone, but this……I MUST be in the twilight zone!

Moments later, she called back and in a shaky voice stated, “I’m sorry for calling, I shouldn’t have!”

I asked, “Then why did you?”

Her response, “I don’t know.  I just don’t know why you are still with him?”

My response, “What is this all about?  Why have you called?”

She then hung up again.

Uh, what just happened?

I called JD, because not only needing to find out what this was all about, I am seriously concerned about Lxxx Y. right now!  She was so frantic and actually shaking and I think something might be VERY wrong.

JD answered his phone very calmly, as if I were calling like any other time.  I asked him, “Did you just have a conversation with Lxxx?”

“Yeah.” He replied.

“And what was said?” I asked.

“Not much, why?  How did you know she called?”

“Because I just received a very disturbing phone call from her!”  And I went on to tell him the details.

He was as stunned as I was in getting the call.  He stated that she called to ask about something business related, he was very polite, calm and didn’t think he said anything out of line.

I could tell this because he was very calm and matter of fact to me.  He said she had a couple of questions, they were answered and the conversation actually began with the niceties of how usual conversations begin with; kids, events, etc.  The questions were answered and the call ended.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

JS (neighbor) has a radar when something is going on with me.  She has an uncanny knack to come see me when I’ve been crying, a big event has transpired, or just something serious.  It’s kind of weird, but we have a strong relationship together.  One that seldom comes along, especially as neighbors.

She came over that afternoon to hang in the kitchen (as we usually did) and I told her about the phone situation with Lxxx.  Her response was, “I think something is really wrong with Lxxx, maybe you should call Bxxxx and check on her.”  She further went on to say, “It seems as if they need to keep a tie with you guys, we had received some text messages too.  And they just can’t seem to let you out of their control.”

Bxxxx is the controlling kind.  He has to be in control of situations.  Stays level headed, but needs to be at the helm.  This is advantageous to some regards, but can also be a negative trait.

JD and I were also moving forward with some major changes within our business.  We wanted to leave the negative (icky) stuff behind us and move forward with a fresh start.  Our lease was coming due on the current office/warehouse location, so a new location was a fantastic opportunity to make some changes.

I had still been putting in very long days.  Uncovering many issues from when Marie was with our company.  Some of these issues included:

  • Not paying sales tax to the state for a little over 3 months.  Creating a not so good situation with the state, plus penalties.
  • Not paying for supplies and vendors.  Causing more penalties and fees.
  • Uncovering an enormous phone system that was installed, without JD knowing the full details of the contract.  Marie signed only her name to it.  This consisted of 18 phone lines (only 6 were being used) and a contract for 6 years at $700/mo.  First of all, we would have NEVER signed such a long contract and we don’t need that many lines.
  • She had pre-paid herself for vacation pay via payroll.  (She was in charge of payroll.)

These are just a few.  But it was also nearing the time to let her husband go.  It was getting even more tense due to all the findings.  He ended up putting in his two week notice, but not completing the final 2 weeks.  The last full day he worked, in comes Marie, followed by the police.

They had a company car, which they stated we “gave” to them as a wedding present.  Not sure how this could have been misinterpreted?  We wouldn’t even “give” a new care to our own daughter!  The car was registered to the company, the insurance, payments, and repairs were paid by the company – for their use.  As they were leaving, they threw the keys at me and said, “Here is our wedding present!”  In addition, they taped their wedding picture to the dashboard of the vehicle.

Because they had been with our company for so long, they had developed close friendships with some of the current employees.  These individuals were present at this time and “good-byes” were taking place at the front door.  I maintained my composure at the front door and stayed quiet.

Even through all of this, my heart bleed!  At one point, they were like family.  And I still cannot understand how something like this could have transpired?  I worried about them and being able to make ends meet.  But we couldn’t allow ourselves to go there and look past the events that had transpired.  Trust is gone!  Betrayal has happened.  I have come to the conclusion that EVERYONE has a price that they will sell someone out for.


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