Aftershocks Part 16

As time passed, my relationship with JS was as usual.  We took care of each others house and dogs while away or on vacations.  We confided in each other on various aspects: family, marriage, business, life, etc.  All was seemingly good:)

I was still VERY busy with our business and continuing to home school.  But for the most part, our life was without turmoil.

It was actually really nice.

Bxxxx & Lxxx continued to contact various individuals questioning about JD and I.  I’m thinking that since we have maintained such a silence, this was not setting very well with them.  But I continued with one of my motto’s: keep my mouth shut, keep silent, do what is right no matter what, don’t gossip, don’t talk bad about someone – and in the end…….the truth ALWAYS comes to light.

JD was preparing our RV to take on an out of state business event.  For some reason our outside water was not working, so I asked if we could fill the water tank at our neighbors?  During this time, JS’s husband asked me where we stood with Lake Powell?  I responded with, “I’ll go talk with JS.”

After we filled the RV and JD had left for his trip, I went over to talk with JS.  She told me that Bxxxx & Lxxx had called them to ask their family to join them on the houseboat vacation to Lake Powell this summer and wanted to know how I felt about it?

I told her that I was in a different place in my life right now than a year ago.  I have rather liked the peace I have fought for.  I really didn’t like to be placed in this situation where I was asked about someone’s decisions they would be making.  I also went on to tell her about Bxxxx contacting various individuals to continually check up on us, ask questions or try to continue to have a grip on us.

Her response was, “I think they may also be trying to use us to stay connected with you.  Just as they have done with other individuals we jointly know.”

I agreed.  And that was pretty much the extent of our conversation.

Two days later I received a phone call on my cell from JS.  She was calling to inform me that they had a family meeting and although she doesn’t care about it and truly doesn’t care if she goes, everyone else wanted to go.  So their family made the decision to go.  That her husband said it was a “vacation of a lifetime at an affordable price” and couldn’t pass it up!  JS wanted to know if this was going to affect our friendship.

I was silent…………………………….I could feel the redness in my face, ears, neck and down my chest.  The numbness and redness consumed me.

JS: “Are you still there?”

Me: “Yes.”

JS: “You haven’t answered?”

Me: “Exactly what is it that you want from me?”

JS: “I want to know that our friendship will not be affected?”

Me:  “You’ve made your decision, what difference does it make?”

JS:  “Well this isn’t how I thought this conversation would go!”

Me: “What do you want from me?”


Me: “I really have to go, I have a lot to do!”

JS: “Okay, bye.”

We both hung up.

My mother works for our company.  And when I entered her office, after just hanging up with JS – she knew immediately something was wrong.  My face, ears, neck and portions of my body were still red.  She explained to me that I had a very glazed look on my face.  That I looked like I was somewhere else.  Uh yeah…….like maybe the Twilight Zone again!!!!!

Really!!??  So you mean to tell me that my best friend, who happens to live right next door to me has given me a call to see if it’s alright if her family goes on a vacation – one in which we first invited them on, one in which we still have ownership in, one in which is with my husband’s family, one in which she has already stated her stance with ——- ALL for a Vacation of a Lifetime – AT an Affordable Price!!

EVERYONE has a price!!!  Never underestimate anyone and if they will or will not sell you out!

I do wish I had the foresight to ask her, “If you even thought this would have an affect on our friendship, then why did you feel the need to call?  You felt the need to give a call so I would potentially release the guilt from you!”  But I didn’t think of this until after the conversation.  But really…….if she needed to call to ask this, then obviously there was guilt and she knew it would cause some damage.


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