Aftershocks Part 17

Shortly after learning that our neighbors are going through with these plans I received the following email from Bxxxx & Lxxx:

From: Bxxxx & Lxxx
To: JD, Alli
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2013 11:44:09 AM
Subject: Monday Morning

JD & Alli,

I hope you’ll forgive me for taking liberty with your requested privacy by sharing a special moment with you.

Monday morning I happened to drive up behind Lxxxx and Nxxxx on my way to work as they were driving to an event.  I called them and we talked while driving side by side down the freeway.  It was nice to see their smiling faces, laugh together and wish each other a great day.  It was a special joy filled moment that I realized wasn’t just a coincidence but one of God’s special ways of blessing us all and I wanted to share it with you.  Regardless of circumstances God continues to use us together to work things out for His good plans.  Lxxxx and Nxxxx have been blessed and I’m sure you feel blessed by them.

Thank you for your graciousness with allowing the Sxxxxxxxx’s (our neighbors) to go on the houseboat trip.  We are so greatly encouraged to hear them say your hearts are softening toward us.  It is our hope that someday we’ll all enjoy going together again as we continue to hope in the healing that God is bringing to us all.

We love and miss you guys.


(We’re joining you in praying for and encouraging the Kxxxx’s) (This is one of our reps husband – he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.)


ALLOWING?  Ohhhhh…….the words that are put into my mouth are endless!  To be a fly on the wall to know exactly what this conversation consisted of would be mind blowing to me!

The Twilight Zone has not come to an end.  And my continued and persistent goal for peace, quietness, stillness and holding of my tongue has become rather easy!!  Even if it is forced…..the lack of drama in my life is essential!!

JS came over one day while I was cleaning the garage to start small talk.  Saying how they just purchased the neighbor’s SeaDo.  I said I wasn’t aware it was for sale.  Nothing more came out of my mouth.  NOTHING!  She got the hint and quietly left very soon.

So now I keep a distance from JS.  I really have no time.  No desire.  I mean really…..what is there to say?

Hurt me once….shame on you.  Hurt me twice…….shame on me!

The tension is building…….REMEMBER: They live right next door!!!!!!

For the next several weeks, approaching the time when the vacation starts…….I remain quiet.  But very restless-upset-sad-furious-bewildered!



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