A Lifelong Battle…….

I know it’s been some time for posting.  Sometimes it takes me a bit of time to collect my thoughts and write about them.

There have been times when I go to the computer and post very “raw” feelings.  Later going back and reading them, I sometimes feel like pulling the words off the blog.  But don’t because that too is a part of my journey.

I don’t change the postings, but I have realized that processing has been very beneficial.  This is a trait that I have learned, it doesn’t come natural to me.  Most often I try to do the “24-hour” test.  That is waiting at least 24 hours to reply, respond or collect my feelings and thoughts.

Over the past 4+ years (since JD’s going to treatment) the drinking has been almost a non-issue.  What I mean by this is……he does not drink at home, he does not drink around the kids, and we have gone out on occasion and had some drinks – I feel this has been manageable.  He has been with his brother, or other past drinking friends and on occasion he has had more than I would think would be acceptable.  However, drinking has not been an issue in our home.

However, that doesn’t mean the battle doesn’t still continue.  In my next postings, these are the things I will cover regarding our battles.

  1. Vicodin/Oxycodone
  2. Suboxone
  3. Extended family members
  4. Immediate family members

I will be adding some pages for reference, of the self educating I have done on the first 2 topics.

You’ve probably already guessed it……..the battle has been with prescription drugs.  An industry that I think is so corrupt that these doctors are just glorified drug dealers.  These days, the quick fix for things is to prescribe pills.  There is defiantly blame on individuals who use this market as well.

I have loved receiving all the comments and responses from anyone who has found this site and knows they are NOT alone!

Ecclesiastes 4:9 (NLT)

Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.


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7 responses to “A Lifelong Battle…….

  • godsonhigh

    Prescription drugs are so huge in our society. Jesus brings hope and freedom though. I like your thoughts.

    • wivesforchrist

      Yes, they have become one of the top substance abuse issues! Start as a hidden secret because they are prescribed by a doctor, so one might think it is okay. But become addicted and find other ways – legally and illegal means. Children are obtaining these drugs through parents prescriptions as well. Fortunately we have not faced the child aspect of these drugs, but have some horrifying experience as a result of legally prescribed prescriptions. I will be posting more regarding this epidemic very soon.
      Jesus is the strength needed! And for our case, professional counseling and other means too. Jesus has been my strength (as always!) to see me through this battle.

  • newlease13

    Looking forward to your future posts, and hoping all is well.

  • Vanessa

    Two people are better than one. I needed that truth tonight. I came across your blog and am encouraged that I am not alone. Sometimes it feels like I am the only soul on earth dealing with my husbands addictions. Tonight has been one of those nights. Thank you for your words of truth. It’s an amazing reminder of how one person’s words can affect a complete stranger.

  • Jackie

    Wow, so relieved to find your blog. This life we share can feel very lonely sometimes. Testing God is a battle when you’re trying to learn to trust your husband hugh? Found you at just the right moment, encouraged by your words in my doubt today, thank you!

  • Jackie

    Above….”trusting” God instead of testing

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