Fortunately, I do not suffer from depression.  I have been down and had feelings of depression.  But I know I don’t suffer from “Depression”.

However, I am married to someone who does.  Yep… husband.  I’ve always known this.  His family has history with depression as well.

Many times I think his addictions and depression are very parallel.  Each have to be maintained, life changes, eating habits different, continued physical activity – a whole life change in order to keep at bay.

Since I have lived with someone who has depression, I know it is VERY real.  I use to think – “Oh, suck it up, do something to get you out of this funk!”  Nice right?  NO!

I now give him room, try to be as helpful as possible and assist.  Don’t get me wrong, I do get impatient (and I’m working on that too!).  But I also have done, and I’m still doing, A LOT of research to know more about depression.  I certainly wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy!!

This falls into the Lifelong Battle category.  It’s not a quick fix.  It doesn’t just “go away”.  I believe it is stemmed from satan and grows.  I don’t believe individuals who suffer from depression can accomplish a joyful life unless they turn it over to God.  But that is not the only thing needed!

You have to feed your:  Mind / Body / Soul

  • Spiritual life with: God/Jesus
  • Physical life with: Exercise
  • Mental life with: Positive input
  • Healthy life with: Nutritious food

I have lectured him on drinking diet pop:)  Huge impact on depression!  I won’t go into all the life-changes we have made right now.  That will be later posts.

But since drinking has not been an issue – his depression has been less.

Vicodin consumption also played a major roll in his depression – both good and bad!  Which makes is so much tougher to get off of.

Saboxone also plays a major roll.

All in another post:)


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6 responses to “Depression

  • Kara Gamboa

    Thank you for your blog/posts. I am a woman passionately pursuing Papa…married to a man who is also pursuing Papa. He is also struggling to be free of his addiction to alcohol. This has taken a toll on our marriage. I stumbled upon your blog today and I have been encouraged and enlightened. You have a wealth of information! Blessings!

    • wivesforchrist

      How are you doing?
      Can I pray for you?

      • karazdeg

        Hello Alli – God’s timing is perfect. .. had you asked me just yesterday how I was doing my answer would have been “Great”. Today however it is a different story. .. add my husband decided to break his sobriety last night and go on a bender at the bars. He left the house under the pretext of watching the boxing matches. I am pretty sure the boxing matches ended way before 3am! Just saying. .. so I now feel like I have been hit by a truck. I foolishly believed that this time he was serious about being clean. I even started to hope and dream again about our future. That has been squashed. My husband, Victor, is a slave to alcohol. It controls him. .. my prayer for him is complete freedom. Thank you for checking on me. .. and thank you Papa for prompting Allí to respond when she did. .. only You are Holy!

      • wivesforchrist

        I am so sorry to hear about your husband! It is such a roller coaster to continue to ride on and not know when the ups are going to last and how far the downs will go and last.
        I also know the feelings of dreaming about the future, having the hope of just how you wish it to be. And knowing that ultimately that is also how God wishes for things to be. I believe God does not wish for anyone to stay in bondage to _______ (you can fill in anything in this blank). But unfortunately, I have learned that it is up to each individual (which includes ourselves) to decide what we will be enslaved to. With that being said, I also believe it can ONLY happen with the help of God.
        I also believe God never wastes a hurt. Sometimes it seems so unfair, but through all of our pains, disappointments, trials and the joy in life – God does use it for His glory. I’ve never really liked the part of going through the icky stuff, but I know He has a purpose.
        It is comforting to know we are not alone in this battle. And I am grateful to be able to continue to pray for you and Victor!

      • karazdeg

        Alli – I just re-read your reply and it is just as impactful as when you wrote it back in November. I wanted to give you a quick update and praise report! January was a pivotal month for us. .. as January 1st Victor helped me to see that I was going to experience yet another year of his addiction. That was my breaking point – I contacted his accountability partners and one of the guys asked me what I wanted. Well the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting to get different results. ..I was feeling a little insane by that point. I said he has two options – go back to Nogales, AZ (where his family is) or go to the Freedom House (a one year live-in discipleship and rehabilitation program in Vancouver, WA). The next day his accountability partners came to our house and laid out the options to Victor. Praise the Lord he chose the Freedom House. He checked in January 13th and has grown so much. ..Papa is doing a deep cleaning in my husband! As much as he hated to leave the comforts of his home he has told me that he knows he is suppose to be there. .. that his addiction to alcohol has cost him so very much over the years and he is finally ready to be free of it.

        Anyways. .. just wanted to share this with you. I pray all is well with you – this journey we are on is not for the faint of heart! Blessings to you!

      • wivesforchrist

        Hi Karazdeg!
        Checking on how you are doing?
        Has Victor completed the one-year program?
        Will continue to pray for you and Victor!

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