Battling “The beast” Day 2


The battle is manageable.  But we know what is called “shelf life”, which is how long the Suboxone actively stays in the system is called 1/2 shelf life.  What this means is, after the first 72 hours, it really reeks havoc on the receptors in your brain and body!  This is where it get extremely tough and can, in fact, last months.  Everyone is different.  Even when you stop taking it, it stays in your system for quite some time.  That’s why it’s so hard to just stop.  Even after the first 72 hours, it still rears it’s ugly head.

These medications attach to your receptors and quite frankly your brain and nerve endings.  So as the body is not being supplied the substance (in pill form), and your body is NOT use to producing what is natural to our receptors due to the medications doing it for so long, your body in reality does not know what to do.  The medications have masked what the body is suppose to do, and you are left with a body that is so completely out of sync it doesn’t know what to do.  It’s misfiring and the pain that goes through your body is sometimes unbearable.  I prepared a bath with Epsom salt to help pull out toxins.  Seemed to help a little.

But today, still taking natural supplements to help with this process has so far proven to be beneficial.  He has not slept as much as I thought he would and in my opinion…..this has been better than the first time.  But he is scared to death of what he knows is coming…….the despair and depression is so bad!  This is what he fears the most.  He has told me it’s like he has voices in his head that just won’t go away.  The despair is so great that he doesn’t want to live.  The main difference this time is his faith!  Last time, he was not as solid and I continue to pray that he will dive deeper for the refuge in The Lord!

However, we did have a little episode where we couldn’t find the remote!  This in general is quite a frustrating, seemingly ongoing occurrence:)  – that’s why companies make small devices to attach to your remote to help find it!  (I think we need one!!) But this time, he did lose his temper.  That’s okay!  It was bedtime for our youngest.  We went to bed.  My husband went downstairs and I think he went into the War Room.  Not sure?  I did hear some slamming of doors and items for a short time.  I didn’t interfere!  And it would not be very smart if I thought something like this wouldn’t have taken place.  It’s part of the process!  I feel as if it was handled in the best means possible!  We all fell asleep and there were no fights!  WAS NOT going to go there…..wouldn’t have been worth it!  No reason to!  I prayed for him to be filled with the Holy Spirit and me to have compassion and patience.  That’s what took place:)  Praise God!

I’m ready for Day 3!!  Usually day 3 is the worst!  The body really goes into overdrive with withdrawal effects!  But we are prepared!!  We continue to pray!


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