Battling “The beast” Day 3

battling-the-beast-day-3Well….it’s been over 72 hours.

This is the time where the severe depression and despair sets in!  This is the beginning of what scares my husband to death!!

He’s feeling it today and says his emotions are all over the place.  Mostly down and depressed.  He says he is even crying a lot!

We started with another new supplement today.  One that is suppose to curb the withdrawals and help with the process.  But this couldn’t be taken until a minimum of 72 hours after being off of Suboxone.

He is still spending much time in the War Room.  Which is so very good!!  Praise God for His faithfulness!!

I feel His presence here as I have been able to stay supportive, calm and caring!  I even asked my husband if he thought I was being patient and supportive?   He did say, “yes!”  Because I do not have a great track record in this area.  I get anxious and lose my patience:(  I do have to admit that I don’t have the best bedside manners.  I tend to become impatient with individuals (even with myself) if they become too needy, or are sick/ill for a long period of time.  Idk…..maybe it’s because I’m a Mom and don’t usually have the time to be sick or ill?  But I also tend to get over things (pretty much most emotional or sick type of things) rather quickly.  Don’t have time to bleed!  Probably not really healthy in the long run?!  I know this about myself, have recognized it, and try to do better at this.  Because sometimes it can appear as though I have no feelings.  Anyhow…..enough about me!

I’m ready for day 4!  I have thought about going from room-to-room in my home with my Bible and praying in each and every room.  Cleansing it!  Yep…..think that’s what I will do on day 4.  There is NO room here for satan, the beast or anything that might interfere with God’s plans!

Blessings to all!!!!!


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One response to “Battling “The beast” Day 3

  • karazdeg

    Amen! Stay strong sister! I would absolutely go into each room and anoint it and pray over the rooms as well as the airways above and foundation below your house. It is your territory – you have the right to send the enemy away! When I anoint my house I also anoint the main doorway and declare that anyone entering be cleansed from bringing some “kling-ons” into my home. You are doing an awesome job! Keep the praise music playing and release the atmosphere of heaven in your house! Let freedom come in the name of Jesus!

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