Battling “the beast” Day 4-5

I stand here again……in complete awe!  His love is never ending!!!!

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I can say this right now because I have been in the deepest of despair and felt He was so far away.  And I have been in a place before where His presence was so magnificent that when we were through that season in life, I had what’s called an Elijah experience:

It’s when we have had great spiritual benefits

This was how it was for Elijah. He had had a great experience on the mountain. (Read 1 Kings 18:16-39.) What a great success it had been! God had showed his power and greatness. Elijah must have felt great excitement. He was so happy. Then it came…the depression!

I vividly remember this a short time after my middle aged son was born prematurely.  He was born @ 1lb. 12oz. – 26 weeks gestation and was in the hospital for 3 months.  This was surprisingly a very peaceful time.  I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was going to be okay.  This time was so powerful with the “presence” of Jesus.  And if only we could just remain in this state for the entire time we are here on earth.  But that is not the plan.  Turmoil does exist and we are to keep pressing in on Him to give us strength, perseverance, endurance and HOPE!

So today…….at the end of day 5 – I am elated!  I know not to rest on this, because the evil one is hiding just behind the corner.  But I want to take this moment to give praise!

My husband has made it through the initial hard part.  We have done our research to the best means possible to safely and effectively kick opiate medications and have completely surrendered to God!  Now… I was talking with my husband, not sure if it’s due to the supplements and regimen we have him on, the stronger faith we both have right now or both.  Our answer….both!  You cannot stand before me and tell me that my husband being fully functional to go into the office BUT also being of such sound mind as he is right now has nothing to do with the power of God!!  When he came home he mentioned it was so different.  The clouded mind fog was not there.  He was very productive and got so much done!  I’M SPEECHLESS!!  I’m filled with…….oh my gosh….joy!  I will soak this in right now!

In addition, he also does not crave the same foods.  Before, each night, he would CRAVE sugar!  Now it’s healthy and salty foods.  Oh what drugs and medications can do to your body!

Yes….there is still depression.  But he has said it is not the complete despair he has felt before.  He does suffer from depression and is on medication for that.  But the depression as a result of withdrawing from prescription medications is different.  I can’t relate and I don’t know just how to explain, other than what he tells me.  And what I see in his face and behavior.  But I’m not fearful of what lies ahead.



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