Battling the beast – days 6 thru 31

Oh my… time flies!

We are still going strong on the battle!  The days after day 6 were steady.  Not much to report on.  He continued to take all the supplements as we had planned.  There were some days where his despair and depression were worse and he would take it easy and increase some of the supplements a little.  But it was very manageable!

We had lunch with our previous pastor, who is a dear friend and we are involved in his ministry.  He has also been our marriage counselor and without him and his marriage ministry, my husband and I would probably be divorced by now.  I know the endless prayers and support he has provided to us and for us has been a life saver – TRULY!  An absolute blessing from The Lord!

During lunch, he commented on how great we both looked.  How we just looked to have more life and light in us.  We just looked like we were in a good place.  There also has been a couple of times that other individuals have noticed how good my husband looked.  And from individuals who have no idea what has been going on.  You know……the behind the scenes that most people don’t know about!

Then came day 27!  This was also the day during his first try to rid the Suboxone and couldn’t push thru.  This was also a time where we were not as educated and informed.

suboxone withdrawal timeline

The despair, depression and physical attributes of this drug started rearing it’s ugly head!  This did not surprise me due to the fact of how Suboxone stays in one’s system for some time.

Flu like symptoms had set in.  Throwing up, body aches, restless leg syndrome, irritability, etc.

It was my birthday yesterday, and even though it was not a great day in general…..I’m okay with it!  I know that this process is so worth it and it will be the greatest birthday present having this be behind us and looking to the future of being clean!

I also know, without a shadow of doubt, this would not be working – and working as well as it has been – without The Lord!  My husband’s faith and time with The Lord has never been stronger!  And this is so refreshing!!  It is through this faith that we are able to do this together, as a team and have seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m a bit concerned, he leaves for out of town on Tuesday and it can be rough traveling.  Especially if these symptoms are still present.  But I have faith!




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3 responses to “Battling the beast – days 6 thru 31

  • Macie

    I stumbled upon your blog while looking for Godly resources for managing life with my alcoholic/addict husband. I’m struggling with many of the heartbreaks and emotions you have and are feeling. I see you haven’t posted in a while. I hope all is well and I will keep you and your family in my prayers. “God never wastes a hurt” I really needed to hear that!

    • wivesforchrist

      I think I mostly go in spurts with posting. Want to be more consistent with this area! It has become very therapeutic for me to write and sometimes I forget to do the things that are for me. Thank you for your prayers! God is always in control! Even when we don’t think He is or wish for something different. REALLY hard to grasp that! But I know He doesn’t waste any of our hurts!

  • Lori

    Alli, I don’t know how to follow a blog. I cannot find how to respond or get responses. At times I am very desperate to talk to someone and am unable to find the blog. I am very frustrated tonight with my husband. He has become an expert at lying. It makes me very sad. This man is the love of my life
    And yet he is ruining it all!’

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