This blog was originated and designed to do many things:

  1. Journal thoughts and experiences of being a wife of an alcoholic/addict.
  2. What being a Christian wife of an alcoholic/addict looks like.  (Both my husband and I are Christians)
  3. Reach out to and share experiences through such a time (season) as this.
  4. Help one another.
  5. Pray!

I mentioned above that my husband and I are Christians.  This does NOT mean we are in any way perfect.  This means that we suffer from sin, and are bound by strongholds in our lives, just as everyone does.  However, being a Christian means that we look to the Lord for wisdom, guidance, support and His Will.

This is easier said than done.  As most Christians face dilemmas, trials and hard times – dealing with an addictive husband is one of these.  Everything seems to be wrapped around this “elephant” in the middle of the room.

My prayer is that though our life experiences, struggles and trials – seeking The Lord – we will overcome strongholds.  That being said, this is where much of the battle begins.  The battle of the flesh, satan and then knowing/doing what is God’s Will.  A war is being fought!

Lastly, and not of least significance, is the covenant of marriage.  Yes, I’m in a marriage where my husband faces addictions.  But I truly believe that the marriage covenant is sacred.  That’s also why I have named this blog: Christian Wives of Alcoholics.

My husband is not physically abusive or hardly ever verbally abusive.  He’s one of those happy alcoholics and the life of the party.  So please, if you are in an abusive marriage/relationship – seek help!  Protect yourself and your family!

My husband and I (as of 8/1/10) are going to a christian marriage counselor.  Which I will include our sessions in my blog.  So even if the relationship is not abusive, still seek help.  And as I stated above, please seek help if there is abuse!!

But most important: keep praying.  I can tell you that I have prayed this stronghold to be removed for almost 20 years.  Don’t be discouraged by that.  During this time I have seen MAJOR progress and answered prayers.  And only God knows how much longer it will be until each and every prayer will be answered – and maybe they won’t be.  But in any case, God has a plan!


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