Alcoholism – Facts/Info

The following pages include various information I have researched and found via books, the internet or other individuals.

I am not a professional.  Please understand this is how I have come to learn more about my husband’s addictions, how to deal with them, reasons for……….(you can fill in the blank),  and some resemblance of peace of mind.

Through years of falling into various rolls of a Christian Wife of an Alcoholic, the information provided in the pages has been helpful to me.  And I hope it can be of some help to others as well.

One thing I have come to understand is – you/we are not alone!  Yes, we have The Lord to go to.  But you/we also have others to lean upon, share experiences, help one another, unload feelings, pray and simply know we are not alone in this struggle.  A struggle that many times makes us feel very alone and desprate.

Abuse or Dependence?


The Enabler



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