What is Suboxone?

Buprenorphine, the opiate in Suboxone, is only a partial opiate agonist. Which means… activates the same opiate receptors in the brain like heroin or other opiates, but a smaller amount than an opiate.

Suboxone (Buprenorphine) is a medication that is primarily used to help individuals that are struggling with opiate addiction. This substance works as a semi-synthetic opioid agonist.

In high doses it works to treat people that are trying to kick their addiction with opiates.

In lower doses, it can be prescribed to help with moderate chronic pain.

Considering it is prescribed to many people trying to overcome their opiate dependency, many individuals have been taking this drug for extended periods of time.

Although most people tend to find that this medication works for its intended purposes, it is more difficult than many think to withdraw from. In fact, some people have said their withdrawal from Suboxone was more difficult than actual opiates. It really should be easier to withdraw from Suboxone, but some people are so use to the drug, when they come off of it, they cannot cope with life. This is a very powerful medication and a “controlled substance” (Schedule III). Most people notice that when they come off of it, they go through an intense withdrawal period.



3 responses to “Suboxone

  • fromthepromiseland

    Do you know of a support group for Christian wives of suboxone addicts? I would really appreciate information. Thank you!

    • wivesforchrist

      Unfortunately I do not:( When I was searching for something or someone out there where I could find some glimmer of hope, I was not able to find it. It appeared to me all that was available were sites that were so negative and really offered no hope. Especially for Christian wives who choose to fight for their husbands. It seemed to be…..leave him, he’s not worth it, and the outcome of hope was minimal.
      There defiantly are those situations where the spouse should not remain because it is dangerous or there is abuse.
      So I created this blog, at first mostly for myself to go when I needed to vent, research and not forget where it was that I had been when reading this or that, and to ultimately use this platform as my journal. Also keeping it kind of private, a journal found in my home with these writings would probably not be a good thing at times. I never imagined it would reach the individuals it has and helped others. But more than that……it has helped me to not feel so alone and I have been encouraged as a result. Who knows where God will take all of this.
      If I do ever come across what you are looking for, I will absolutely publish my findings. But for right now, I would try Celebrate Recovery. This is a Christ centered group for individuals dealing with addictions of any kind. And I know there are groups for the spouses as well.

  • fromthepromiseland

    Well, I am glad we have found each other! It’s nice to know of another wife trying to help their husband come off suboxone. Unfortunately I live in a small town of 250 ppl off the road system in Alaska and there is no CR. But having access to your blog will be helpful! Keep up the fight. Our husbands are worth it!

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